General informations

The CISIAmat toolbox is available on any platform running MATLAB and a Database with connectors for MATLAB. The toolbox has been developed using MySQL and Java connector.

The toolbox has been developed using:

  • MATLAB 2022b
  • MySQL Community Server – GPL: version 8.0.22

Software Repository

Installation starts cloning the two GitHub projects that can be found here:

  1. (necessary)
  2. (only for obtaining CISIAproDesign source code)

After cloning, the folder CISIAmat will contain:

  1. SQL database Dump,
  2. Design directory with the install file of CISIAproDesign MATLAB Application,
  3. Schemes directory with same examples and the basic block library.

CISIAproDesign folder will contain the source files of CISIAproDesign MATLAB Application to use only for developing purpose.

Database installation


CISIAproDesign installation