CISIApro 2.0 (Critical Infrastructure Simulation by Interdependent Agents) is a software engine able to evaluate complex cascading effects, considering (inter)dependencies and faults propagation among the considered complex scenario. CISIApro 2.0 can eventually consider also the mitigation and restoration actions with two-folds consequences: evaluating a restoration process or performing a what-if analyses for the different possible countermeasures. 

CISIApro 2.0 is an agent-based simulation software and is mainly composed of two modules. The first one is the off-line tool known as CISIApro in which it is possible to design and implement complex and highly interdependent scenarios. While the second one is the on-line tool called CISIAmat which exploits Simulink (Mathworks) for the real-time engine at the core of the Risk Predictor module.  

CISIApro 2.0 is a software platform based on a database-centric architecture in which the database plays a crucial role. This means a centralized asynchronous design that allows good modularity and scalability where each element of the informatics infrastructure interfaces, independently, with the centralized database in order to get the last actualized data from the field. For the implementation of the engine simulator, the Matlab language was used to develop a redistributable Matlab App. 

Assessing the impact of interdependency is a key step in improving resilience and security of interconnected infrastructures.